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By Keith Houck When I raised the issue five years ago of focusing some of our attention on reducing our growing energy costs, one of my fellow vice presidents cautioned me and raised concerns about how faculty and others would perceive our intentions. Would they think that the college's finances are so bad that we need to start cutting our energy costs? How bad can things be?
Thanks For A Great Year! by Susan Clough, CCBO President The leaves are starting to fall from the trees, the days are shorter and the nights are much cooler. Ah yes, fall is upon us and that brings another season of change. Much like our weather, our organization is ready to change leadership. The new executive officers and members of the board of directors will be elected at the Annual Conference in Hilton Head just a few weeks from now and continue to set the course for excellence in our organization.
What does the future hold? We're all most often concerned with major trends that impact our work. Which trends you face are of course dependent on your current situation, and our situations in higher education are "fluid" to say the least. I was recently challenged to identify the major trends we see at CCBO for community colleges and higher education. 1. Financial models are changing. With changes in federal, state, local, auxiliary, endowment and tuition models, all methods of increasing revenues and/or formula funding are under scrutiny. In an environment where "raiding the bank" is happening more often, we need to explore consistent funding models for the future.
Achieving Greatness: The Value of Association By Don Yaeger Association leaders and corporate executives have long recognized that great lessons – lessons in leadership, team building, handling adversity and managing success, can be learned from their peers in the world of sports.
WASHINGTON — The long-awaited White House Summit on Community Colleges came and went Tuesday without any monumental legislative or policy announcements, though observers did not expect any. Mostly, the event's attendees relished the high-profile publicity two-year institutions continue to receive from the Obama administration. In addition, they discussed in groups how to dramatically boost community colleges' often poor graduation rates, improve their remedial education efforts and bolster their sometimes neglected job-training role — all in an effort to help a slumping national economy.
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