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Industrial customers worried over definition of bulk electric system, ELCON says

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Industrial energy users are concerned over potential changes in the definition of the bulk electric system that could unintentionally make numerous manufacturing facilities subject to reliability standards developed by the North American Electric Reliability Corp., the Electricity Consumers Resource Council said.

ELCON President John Anderson wrote to Cheryl LaFleur, a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, expressing the industrial customers' concern.

Approval of the new definition, which was first developed by a NERC drafting team, was reaffirmed by FERC in an April 18 order.

The change in definition is "of paramount concern to industrial electricity users" because it could make any industrial facility with assets that receives power at greater than 100 kV subject to NERC standards, Anderson said in the letter. Almost all major industrial sites have substations that meet that threshold, he said.

Anderson asked to meet with Commissioner LaFleur and other members of FERC to discuss the issue. —JEANNINE ANDERSON


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