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The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) recently retired the bonds—essentially, burned the mortgage—associated with a portion of its ownership interests in the Seabrook Station and Millstone Unit 3 nuclear power plants.

"This is an important milestone for the MMWEC financing program and for the MMWEC project participant municipal utilities," said MMWEC Chief Executive Officer Ronald C. DeCurzio. "Retirement of these bonds gets us closer to debt-free ownership of Seabrook and Millstone 3, which are important parts of the MMWEC power supply."

On July 1, MMWEC made the final payments required to retire the bonds issued for its Nuclear Mix No. 1 Power Supply Project, which represents a 19.6-megawatt ownership interest in Millstone Unit 3 and a 2-megawatt ownership interest in Seabrook Station. Via Nuclear Mix No. 1 and four other power supply projects, MMWEC owns 4.8 percent of Millstone Unit 3 and 11.59 percent of Seabrook Station. A total of $167.1 million in MMWEC debt associated with these other power supply projects remains outstanding but is scheduled for retirement by 2019, at which point all of MMWEC’s power supply projects will be debt-free, the joint action agency said.

"We’re seeing the successful culmination of a power supply and financing program that was conceived 40 years ago to benefit the non-profit, consumer-owned municipal utilities of Massachusetts," DeCurzio said. "Beyond the immediate credit and financial benefits of debt retirement, this occasion demonstrates that the system established by Massachusetts legislators to finance energy facilities is working extremely well," he said.

MMWEC has issued more than $4.7 billion in bonds since 1976 to finance and refinance its 735-megawatt ownership interests in several New England electric generating facilities, including Seabrook Station, Millstone 3, the Stony Brook power plant in Ludlow, Massachusetts, and Wyman Unit 4 in Yarmouth, Maine. All of the debt associated with the Stony Brook and Wyman Unit 4 plants was retired in 2008, the joint action agency said.

Seabrook Station and Millstone 3 are expected to operate until at least 2045, long after the debt for these plants is retired, MMWEC said. In addition, MMWEC recently completed a program that extended the life of key Stony Brook components until at least 2030 without issuing additional debt. —ROBERT VARELA

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Hometown Connections International, LLC

The American Public Power Association's 2014 Customer Connections Conference, Oct. 26-29, at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in Jacksonville, Fla., will feature multiple sessions on energy services.
  • In "Improving HVAC Energy Savings," Pete Olson, energy services supervisor for Cedar Falls Utilities in Iowa, and John von Harz, CEO of Energy Stewards International in Iowa, will discuss how the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s regional "HVAC SAVE" program combines professional certification for contractors with performance testing of new and existing HVAC systems. Participants will hear about the program structure, results, lessons learned, and recommendations.
  • In "Charging Ahead with Electric Vehicles," participants will examine two case studies of electric vehicle integration in public power communities. Sharon Staz, general manager and treasurer with Kennebunk Light & Power in Maine, will discuss the challenges with launching an EV charging infrastructure on a system not designed for it. Greg Yakle, director of transmission and distribution with City Water, Light & Power in Springfield, Ill., will discuss the impact that the influx of EVs can have on transformers and other system equipment.
  • "Using the Future Grid to Strengthen Your Public Power Community" will look at how distributed generation, energy efficiency, and load management resources will impact the future grid and how customer connections will drive the pace of integrating these components. Joel Logan, energy services engineer with the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, will talk about how to engage customers to build support for these new paradigms, describe analyses needed for optimization, and provide examples of communities that are using these resources strategically.
Other energy services sessions will cover solar engagement for public power, emerging applications of energy storage and batteries, and public power smart grid projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The Customer Connections Conference also offers sessions on key accounts, economic development, public communications, and customer service, as well as roundtable discussions, networking breakfasts, receptions, and other opportunities to share ideas and information.

Conference fees are $645 for APPA members and $1,290 for nonmembers who register before Oct. 11. There are also three preconference seminars on customer engagement for advanced gird technologies, managing change, and developing and marketing web and social media content.

For complete program information and to register, visit www.publicpower.org/CustomerConnections or contact Heidi Lambert at 202/467-2921 or HLambert@PublicPower.org).
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SEDC, Inc.

The American Public Power Association has released its first annual Reliable Public Power Provider Program (RP3) Application Data Report. The report shows utility responses, in aggregate, to each application question and demonstrates overall trends in RP3-designated utility practices by illustrating their strength in areas like reliability statistics tracking, physical security measures, and OSHA training. APPA utility members can view the report here.

The RP3 program recognizes utilities that demonstrate leading practices in four disciplines—reliability, safety, system improvement, and workforce development. In 2013, 101 utilities submitted applications to the RP3 program, and 94 utilities attained RP3 designation. To learn more about the program and to apply for the RP3 designation, visit PublicPower.org/RP3. The deadline for submitting the application is Sept. 30.

To learn more about the RP3 program, attend APPA's full-day course, "Operations Improvement and Benchmarking: Best Practices from RP3 Case Studies" during the Fall Education Institute on Sept. 29, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Learn best practices of RP3 designees and applicants, discover areas for improvement in your own operations, and learn how to measure your utility’s success with national benchmarks and metrics. —MONICA DEAN

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AVO Training Institute, Inc.


Webinar – Performance Monitoring and Accountability for Boards
August 12

Webinar – Electric Rate Designs: Rate Structures to Promote Financial Stability or Energy Conservation
August 19

DEED webinar – Customizable Weather Database Helps Utilities Handle Customers' High-Bill Complaints
August 20

Webinar – Line Extension Policies: Contributions in Aid of Construction
September 9

Webinar – Using Advanced AMI Technology to Move from AMR to AMI
September 10

Business and Financial Conference
Portland, Oregon
September 14-17

Webinar – Smart Grids Enable Smart Cities: Insights into the Benefits New Technologies Offer Public Power Communities
September 23

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Version 5 Compliance Program Development Workshop
Scottsdale, Arizona
September 29-30

Fall Education Institute
Scottsdale, Arizona
September 29-October 3

Webinar – Achieving Excellence in Public Power Governance
September 30

Public Power Leadership Workshop
Scottsdale, Arizona
October 1-3

Webinar – Performing a Utility Financial Check-Up
October 16

Legal Seminar
San Antonio, Texas
October 19-22

DEED webinar – Measuring Energy Savings Using Non-Intrusive Devices Inside Residential Customer Homes
October 23

Customer Connections Conference
Jacksonville, Florida
October 26-29

For a full APPA Events Calendar, visit Publicpower.org.

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Naylor, LLC

News director—The American Public Power Association seeks a news director to serve as a key player of a robust news desk operation, who will generate timely, high-quality news content for the association’s multiple news channels. This individual will cover policy, regulatory, legislative, and infrastructure issues in energy and electricity, with an eye toward the impact on public power business and operations. The individual will also produce breaking news stories under tight deadlines in a team environment, as well as research, report, and write exclusive enterprise pieces for the association’s digital and print newsletters and magazine. The news director will be expected to generate other forms of content for the Web, blogs, video, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Required education and experience:

• A degree from a four-year college or university with major in journalism, English, or related area. A master’s degree is preferred.
• Five to seven years experience in energy and electricity business reporting, preferably on digital platforms.
• Experience in reporting on energy infrastructure, climate change, and electricity markets a plus.
• Excellent news judgment with ability to think through fast-paced situations and act prudently.
• Strong reporting and writing skills; including the ability to process complex technical information and break it down for a lay public audience.
• Web publishing (through content management systems), search-engine optimization, multimedia, and social media skills and experience.
• Ability to manage time effectively and file stories on a tight deadline.
• Strong organizational skills with attention to detail and the capacity to juggle multiple projects and tasks.
• Collaborative skills and the capacity for teamwork.
• Understanding of various news audiences and needs, preferences, and priorities.

Apply: For more information, visit PublicPower.org. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to HumanResources@PublicPower.org with "News Director" in the subject line. APPA is an equal opportunity employer.

Director of digital and social media—The American Public Power Association seeks a director of digital and social media to help build the public power brand and contribute to the association’s overall public outreach goals through engagement of key audiences and stakeholders on all Web and social media platforms. This individual will develop and curate content and visuals for the association’s website and blogs by working with subject matter experts across various departments. The individual will also be responsible for employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing, and other best practices to enhance website usability, reach, engagement, and traffic. Development and execution of social media strategies to raise the association’s public profile and to establish relationships with key influencers will also be expected. The individual will measure, analyze, and report on Web and social media metrics, and will help the association and its members stay on top of emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges in digital and social media. Required education and experience:

• Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, or related field.
• Eight to 10 years experience in Web and social media management.
• Exceptional research, organizational, and written and oral communications skills, including the ability to process technical information and translate into digital messages with mass appeal.
• Proven track record of success in managing social media platforms for an organization/brand and in establishing and tracking social media metrics.
• Ability to create effective and compelling social media content.
• Skilled in using Web content management systems and working knowledge of HTML.
• Strong knowledge and experience in search engine marketing and Web analytics.
• Ability to manage multiple projects and work well in a tight, deadline-driven environment.
• Team player with ability to work effectively with colleagues, members, and vendors.

Apply: For more information, visit PublicPower.org. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to HumanResources@PublicPower.org with "Director of Digital and Social Media" in the subject line. APPA is an equal opportunity employer.

Utility field services supervisor— The city of Redding Electric Utility, in California, is recruiting for a utility field services supervisor to plan, coordinate, implement, and monitor division operations, programs, and activities, as well as perform special projects: route maintenance; automated meter reading; revenue protection; and theft detection, investigation, and recovery; as well as other projects as assigned. Compensation: The compensation is $4,750 to $6,683 per month. Apply: For a complete job announcement and to apply online, visit the Personnel Department at www.ci.redding.ca.us by Aug. 4. EOE/FAAE.

Manager of reliability standards compliance— Muscatine Power and Water in Muscatine, Iowa, is seeking a manager of reliability standards compliance to manage/coordinate the utility’s overall regulatory reporting and compliance requirements related to the NERC Reliability Standards and the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards. The individual will be responsible for ensuring that the utility manages its NERC compliance obligations in a manner that avoids findings of non-compliance or fines, and maintains a high level of ongoing compliance. This position also serves as the primary contact for the utility on internal and external committees, industry groups, and other affiliations in relation to compliance efforts and initiatives. Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in engineering, business administration, I.T., public administration, law, or related field, or combination of education and experience as equivalent is required. A minimum of five years of utility experience is required. A CCEP, PE, or other related certification is preferred. A pre-employment physical, drug screening, and background check are required. Compensation: The position offers a competitive salary and benefits, and a great community! Apply: Please visit our careers page at www.mpw.org for full details and to apply. EOE M/F/D/V.

Engineering and electric operations manager—Lebanon Utilities in Indiana currently has a job opening for an engineering and electric operations manager. The position, under the direction of the general manager, is responsible for the planning, engineering, designing, and managing of projects for electric transmission, distribution, and substation facilities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Qualifications: A bachelor's degree in electrical engineering is preferred; civil engineering considered. Strong written and verbal communication skills are also necessary in order to deal with a wide range of personalities, both inside and outside of the organization. Apply: If interested, please call 765/482-8395 for a complete job description.

Check out APPA's career services on the Web

Visit the Career Center at PublicPower.org. Our career center allows job seekers to upload resumes, and recruiters to obtain resumes from job seekers. Classified ads in Public Power Daily and Public Power Weekly cost 70 cents per word for APPA members, and 80 cents per word for nonmembers, for a one-week run. Job posting subscriptions are available in packages of five, 10, or unlimited for a full year. The weekly deadline for placing a classified ad is every Thursday at 12 p.m. (Eastern time). If you have questions about classified ads, please write to jobs@publicpower.org, or call 202/467-2958.

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