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Just because a standard on the physical security of the grid hadn’t been ordered until now "doesn’t mean that we [utilities] haven’t been assessing risks and acting on them," APPA President and CEO Sue Kelly told E&ETV. "I think since 2001 we have been upping our game in both physical and cybersecurity over time, and I think we've had to become more aware and try to find different ways to protect different types of facilities," she said in the online interview.

Kelly, seen here in an interview with E&ETV that aired yesterday, is APPA's new president and CEO, as of today.
The industry has been trying to find ways to protect different types of facilities and to build more redundancy into the system so that the loss of any one substation becomes less important, Kelly said. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission seems "to understand that flexibility is the order of the day" in drafting a physical security standard, she said. Developing a standard entails first "identifying which facilities [need to be covered], then second you have to assess the threats and vulnerabilities for that, and then you develop a plan," she said.

Asked about legislation introduced in the House in March that would give FERC more authority on cybersecurity, Kelly said, "I’m not so sure it's the right legislation for our times, and I think we've really kind of moved past that in terms of industry-government coordination." She added that "the people that have to be at the table are at the table." The Electric Sub-Sector Coordinating Council is composed of CEOs from industry and very high-level employees of various government agencies, including the Department of Energy, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. "They're working together in a very collaborative fashion," she said.

The E&ETV interview first aired on March 31, the day before Kelly took over as APPA’s president and chief executive officer, after serving on APPA’s staff since 2004, most recently as general counsel and senior vice president of policy analysis (see Public Power Weekly, Feb. 3, 2014). The interview is posted online, as is a full transcript. —ROBERT VARELA

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Sue Kelly marked her first day (April 1) as APPA’s new president and chief executive officer by lining up a senior staff team, including replacements for her as general counsel and as senior vice president of policy analysis. Joe Nipper was named senior vice president, regulatory affairs and communications, and Joy Ditto will be senior vice president, legislative and political affairs. Delia Patterson replaces Kelly as general counsel, and Allen Mosher will be vice president, policy analysis.

Nipper will supervise APPA’s policy analysis, communications and environmental activities. Allen Mosher and Delia Patterson will report to him, along with Theresa Pugh, director of environmental services; and Meena Dayak, vice president of integrated media and communications.

Joy Ditto will supervise APPA’s legislative and grass roots staff. She will manage APPA’s political affairs, including grassroots activities, PowerPAC, the Advisory Committee, and interaction with local public power policy makers to promote APPA’s positions before the federal government.

Delia Patterson will continue to handle legal affairs related to APPA’s regulatory and legislative activities and will advise Kelly on contracts and other APPA business matters. Elise Caplan, director of APPA’s Electric Market Reform Initiative, will report to Patterson as they work closely on the market reform initiative and other APPA priorities.

Allen Mosher’s primary responsibility will be overall policy analysis with a focus on matters before the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as well as energy policy formulation and advocacy before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, federal courts, other federal agencies and industry policy forums. Reporting to Mosher are Jim Cater, director of economic and financial policy; Nathan Mitchell, director of electric reliability standards and compliance; Paul Zummo, manager of policy research and analysis; and Paul Libus, policy analysis assistant.

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Hometown Connections International, LLC

The leaders of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee called on the Department of Energy’s inspector general to examine the leak of sensitive internal Federal Energy Regulatory Commission information on potential physical vulnerabilities of the electric grid. "Recent reports in the Wall Street Journal about grid security were shocking in their detail and appear to have been based upon highly sensitive, narrowly distributed FERC documents that may have pinpointed vulnerabilities of the electric grid," said the March 27 letter from Committee Chair Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.

"We do not know if the FERC documents that apparently form the basis of the news reports are credible, but in any case, disclosing and sensationalizing them, as it appears was the work of the person who gave them to the newspaper, is highly irresponsible or worse," the senators said. They asked the inspector general to examine the legal or regulatory obligations of current and former FERC commissioners and employees to protect non-public information.

Should the inspector general conclude that no rules were broken, Landrieu and Murkowski said they will consider introducing legislation "to make sure that the unauthorized disclosure of non-public information about energy infrastructure that puts our nation at risk is a violation of federal law."

The letter is posted on the energy committee’s website. —ROBERT VARELA

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SEDC, Inc.

Distributed generation, including rooftop solar, is playing a growing role in the electric utility industry. This creates a number of challenges and opportunities for public power.  At the 2014 APPA National Conference, panelists will address opportunities and benefits of distributed generation, while discussing the operational and revenue challenges and how utilities can encourage distributed generation development without unduly burdening other customer classes or adversely impacting utility operations and fiscal stability.  Panelists will also discuss their experiences and lessons learned.

Panelists will include Doyle Beneby, president and CEO of CPS Energy in San Antonio, Texas; Mark Bonsall, general manager of the Salt River Project in Phoenix, Ariz.; and Julia Hamm, president and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association.

The 2014 National Conference will be held June 13-18 in Denver, Colo., at the Sheraton Denver Downtown. The conference will bring together more than 1,500 public power leaders, including utility boards, mayors, city council members, utility executives, senior managers, and industry partners. Conference registration and program information is available at www.publicpower.org/NationalConference.  —LEANNE NIENHUIS

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On Tuesday, April 8, APPA will hold a webinar, "The Management of Successful Customer Service Operations,"  from 2 to 3:30 p.m., Eastern time.

The webinar will address five key areas that directly contribute to a public power system’s quality of service—environment, resources, personnel, training and measuring/evaluating performance. This is the first in a new four-part series of webinars designed for customer service representatives, managers and supervisors (as well as those interested in customer service issues). The series is based on APPA’s Customer Service Management Certificate Program curriculum and will be led by Wallace Barron, president of Barron & Associates in Atlanta, Ga. The webinars are tailored to public power utilities and provides information and strategies that participants can use in their jobs.

The series also includes the following webinars (all held from 2 to 3:30 p.m., Eastern time), which can be taken individually or together for a discounted rate:

•  The Leadership Development Process – May 15 
•  Technology: From Meter Reading to Customer Information Systems – June 3 
•  Utility Collections: The Complete Process – July 8

On Thursday, April 10, from 2 to 3:30 p.m., Eastern time, APPA (in conjunction with Hometown Connections) will hold a webinar called "Investing in Intellectual Capital: How to Capture, Mentor and Retain Critical knowledge and Skillsets." 

In order to keep pace with the changes impacting today’s electric utility marketplace, it is vital for utilities to maintain a highly skilled workforce. Yet, as retirement rates accelerate and budgets are squeezed, public power utilities are struggling to keep professional talent and critical corporate knowledge in-house. In this webinar, Carl Mycoff, managing director with Mycoff, Fry & Prouse, LLC, and Pete DeQuattro, president of Prairie State Generating Company, will discuss how to attract valuable new hires through a commitment to technology innovation and competitive compensation, as well as how to develop innovative training and mentoring programs for your current staff.

Each event is worth 0.2 continuing education units, 1.5 professional development hours and 1.5 continuing professional education credits.
For more information and to register, visit www.APPAAcademy.org under Webinar Series or contact Meghan Riley at MRiley@PublicPower.org or 202/467-2919.

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Solar Promotion International GmbH - Intersolar North America


Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo
Oklahoma City, Okla.
April 4-5

2014 Engineering and Operations Technical Conference
Oklahoma City, Okla.
April 6-9

Webinar – The Management of Successful Customer Service Operations
April 8

Webinar – Investing in Intellectual Capital: How to Capture, Mentor and Retain Critical Knowledge and Skillsets
April 10

2014 Public Communications Committee Spring Issues Roundtable
Washington, D.C.
April 11

Webinar – Electric Utility 101: Distribution
April 16

Webinar – Cybersecurity Awareness Training Part III
April 17

DEED webinar – New Program Options to Engage High School Students on Energy Usage
April 23

Webinar – Determining Revenue Requirements for Your Utility
April 24

General Accounting, Finance & Audit Spring Meeting
Washington, D.C.
April 24-25

Webinar – Industry Issues and Challenges Facing Public Power Governing Bodies
April 30

Spring Education Institute
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
May 5-9

DEED webinar – Better Building Practices Toolkit for New Residential Construction
May 8

Webinar – Overview of Utility Financial Operations for Board and Council Members
May 13

Webinar – The Leadership Development Process
May 15

Webinar – Development of Cash Reserve Policies
May 20

Webinar – Technology: From Meter Reading to Customer Information Systems
June 3

DEED webinar – Energy and the Environment, a High School Curriculum for Public Power
June 11

Webinar – Accounting Standards and Reporting Framework Update
June 12

National Conference & Public Power Expo
Denver, Colo.
June 13-18

Webinar – Introduction to Legislative Issues and Grassroots Advocacy
June 25

Webinar – Rate Making for Utility Boards and City Councils
June 30

DEED webinar – Customizable Weather Database Helps Utilities Handle Customers' High-Bill Complaints
August 20

For a full APPA Events Calendar, visit Publicpower.org.

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Naylor, LLC

Regulatory counsel—The American Public Power Association is recruiting for a regulatory counsel to assist in energy policy formulation and policy advocacy before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), federal courts, other federal/state agencies and industry policy forums. The incumbent participates in and monitors FERC dockets and NERC activities of interest to the association and its members, as well as advocates association positions in these forums and participates in coalitions on such matters with other industry associations and groups as appropriate. The incumbent also communicates with individual APPA utility members, groups of members and their counsel to develop and coordinate consistent policy positions. Required education and experience includes:

• a law degree and appropriate bar admissions to practice law before state and federal courts;
• prior relevant experience in FERC and NERC regulatory matters;
• broad experience in electricity policy issues;
• the ability to analyze legal issues, draft complex legal documents, understand multifaceted regulatory, technical and economic issues and develop solutions;
• the ability to help plan and organize educational offerings on areas of expertise for the association; and
• the ability to communicate effectively—verbal and written communications—and gain cooperation from staff, members, outside counsel, other industry association representatives, press and the public.

Apply: For more information, go to www.PublicPower.org. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to HumanResources@PublicPower.org with "Regulatory Counsel" in the subject line. APPA is an equal opportunity employer.

Vice president, corporate services—Lincoln Electric System (LES) in Nebraska is recruiting for Vice President, Corporate Services. This position reports to the chief operating officer and oversees the Employee Resources Department, Transportation Department, Safety Department and Facilities Department. Requirements: The position requires proficient knowledge of human resources- and safety-related information systems, such as SAP and IndustrySafe, along with the ability to build and maintain internal relationships. The VP regularly interacts with LES’s administrative board and business consultants. Qualifications: Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree and a successful track record of increasingly responsible utility management assignments directing an organization similar to LES. Ten years of experience with facilities, safety, human resources and related information systems is preferred. A graduate degree in business is desirable. Lincoln Electric System is a municipally owned electric utility providing service to approximately 130,000 customers in Lincoln, Neb. LES employs a staff of approximately 475 non-union and union personnel. LES is governed by a nine-member administrative board. Apply: To apply, go to www.LES.com. LES is an EEO employer.

Check out APPA's career services on the Web

Visit the Career Center at PublicPower.org. Our career center allows job seekers to upload resumes, and recruiters to obtain resumes from job seekers. Classified ads in Public Power Daily and Public Power Weekly cost 70 cents per word for APPA members, and 80 cents per word for nonmembers, for a one-week run. Job posting subscriptions are available in packages of five, 10, or unlimited for a full year. The weekly deadline for placing a classified ad is every Thursday at 12 p.m. (Eastern time). If you have questions about classified ads, please write to jobs@publicpower.org, or call 202/467-2958.

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