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DOE's Poneman says regions will be consulted on BPA, WAPA joining an energy imbalance market

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Any decision regarding either the Bonneville Power Administration or Western Area Power Administration entering an energy imbalance market "will be based on appropriate analyses, including economic business cases and other implications for their regions, following consultations with their customers," Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman said Oct. 17. In a letter to House Natural Resources Committee Doc Hastings, R-Wash., Poneman said DOE supports both BPA’s and WAPA's active participation in the Northwest Power Pool Market Assessment and Coordination Initiative, as well as other regional efforts.

DOE recognizes "the need and desirability for regional approaches to address the increasing complexity of our transmission systems," Poneman said. "Indeed, all regions of the country should have a clean, reliable and resilient electricity infrastructure and operations that protect consumer safety, minimize economic disruptions and meet consumers' needs – including affordability."

Any decisions affecting the interests of the Pacific Northwest "will be made in consultation with regional stakeholders, and based on business analyses, system reliability needs, and a thorough understanding of costs and benefits," he said.


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