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For the Record: Readers Write Back

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We received this comment to a news story, "Survey: most Americans say nation should treat global warming, clean energy as a priority," that we published in the Nov. 27 Public Power Daily. -Editor

The survey information that you reported vis-à-vis The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication in the Nov. 27, 2012 issue of the Public Power Daily was somewhat unsettling and appears to have a significant bias that went unreported by your publication.

If one researches "The Yale Project," it is very easy to find that the "Project" has a specific political agenda, something that was clearly not mentioned in your article.  For example, the "Project" website states, "Related efforts beyond climate per se involve catalyzing inspiring visions of a sustainable world and practical strategies to achieve them via our Visions of a Sustainable World project."  In turn, the Visions of a Sustainable World, at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, website states that it "supports public lectures presenting inspiring visions of a sustainable world, practical strategies to achieve them, and methods to promote rapid and transformative social change. The series articulates the possible economies, political systems, cities, transportation and energy systems, values, and lifestyles of a sustainable world. It also addresses the causes of transformative social change and identifies past, present and possible future inflection points."

Public Power Daily and the APPA owe it to their readers and supporters to provide disclaimers or to note significant bias wherever possible.  Your readers deserve nothing less.

Michael S. Grim
Executive Manager
Denton Municipal Electric
Denton, Texas


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