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A Conversation with Fred Stringfellow

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Why do you think content marketing is so important in promoting the value of the AMC model?
Within each of our AMCs we have staff that are experts in their respective areas, whether it be governance, finance, or meeting planning. So it’s important for us to share that collective knowledge with the association community as a whole. Doing so allows us to demonstrate how effective and efficient the model, and AMCI members, are in elevating the success and sustainability of non-profits, and it makes AMCI a must-use resource for volunteer leaders, association executives, and influencers when they are looking for association management solutions.

What other areas is AMCI looking at to create more content opportunities?
All of our task forces are working on exciting programs, as evidenced by our just-completed and very successful AMCs Engaged! meeting. When I see the quality of the content being produced from the volunteers -- whether it be Research and Benchmarking, the Annual Meeting, or any of the others -- it becomes essential to align what is being developed and push it out to the broader community through OETF’s efforts on the AMCI website and social media channels. This way we are not constantly reinventing the wheel, and instead are are cross-promoting the great insights coming from our member firms and showcasing the best of the best from both inside AMCs and externally through the speakers that we attract. It’s this level and sustainability of thought leadership that will help advance the value of the AMC model and promote the service quality of our members.

What tips would you give an AMC that is pursuing a content marketing strategy?
For our own businesses we are developing some impressive content, which comes out of the innovative things we are doing for our clients. We just need to do a better job telling our story. Which means we need to be more visible and we need to be where our clients are looking for information. AMCI can and should be a platform for sharing those ideas and stories -- and the opportunity is open to all. It's another way to show how we are leading and transforming the industry.


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