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This episode breaks down the steps that must be taken before conducting underwater operations. Job planning and Job Hazard Analyses are invaluable tools when assessing and mitigating risk and ensuring adherence to industry practices and regulations. ADCI contractors are committed to best industry practice, quality of work and the safety of their personnel over profit. This commitment reduces the risk of incident, injury and liability to a project's stakeholders.

The ADCI has implemented an industry-wide initiative to educate operators in the offshore and inland sectors, both internationally and domestically, on what is at stake when contracting for underwater services. In this episode, we tackle the topic of contractor selection and discuss what an operator should be aware of when looking to hire a diving contractor.


The Importance of Client Education
Episode One: Leadership

We begin our seven part series on client education with a conversation on the role of leadership and its part in mitigating risk for both the diving contractor and the client.



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Dangers of Delta P
Divers train for worst-case scenarios, but deadly hazards such as differential pressure, or Delta P, can be overlooked. Consider the tips outlined in this updated video before performing maintenance underwater.

Hazards of Underwater Burning
Underwater burning creates hydrogen / oxygen mixtures that are highly explosive. Consider the tips outlined in this updated video before performing underwater burning.

Fox Industries, Inc.
DecomWorld’s Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit, the largest and most influential business conference & exhibition for the decommissioning industry, is returning for its 6th year to drive forward the most crucial industry debates. 

With Over 700 offshore, decommissioning and abandonment executives gathering, plus a packed 60+ exhibition hall showcasing the most cutting-edge technology, make sure you secure your ADC International discounted pass before Friday 14 February using discount code ADCI200 to save $200 here: http://bit.ly/DecomSummit-Register 

Plus, don’t miss out on the ground-breaking Diver & Underwater Safety Panel session, where the industry’s most well respected names will be coming together to debate the key decommissioning diving issues, in such instances as underwater burning, pipeline decommissioning, environmental concerns, alternate cutting devices and site clearance.

For more information, please  click here, visit the website or contact Philip Chadney on the details below.

6th Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit
March 10-12, 2014 | Royal Sonesta Hotel, Houston, TX, USA

Philip Chadney
Project Director | DecomWorld
+44 (0)20 7422 4341


ADCI is proud to announce the 2014 Inductees into the ADCI Commercial Diving hall of Fame:

Van T. Bell

George Cundiff

Dr. Keith Van Meter, MD

The inductees were honored at the Awards Dinner on February 11th at Underwater Intervention 2014.

ADCI is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2014 ADCI Scholarship

Compton W. Cooper 
(Sponsored by U.S. Underwater Services)

Olivia E. Gilbert
(Sponsored by Magellan Marine International)

Join us in congratulating Compton and Olivia for their well deserved awards.

Interested in contributing to UnderWater magazine?
UnderWater magazine is seeking feature stories and photography covering subjects of broad significance to the commercial diving industry. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to: safety, new techniques, new equipment, equipment reviews, recent projects, etc. Special attention will be given to articles highlighting safety; however, all topics of general interest to diving contractors will be considered. Photography accompanying your story is welcome and encouraged. Here is a chance to highlight and share some of the notable accomplishments of your company or school.
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Considered by some to be a Holy Grail of Puget Sound archaeology, three men — a commercial diver, an amateur historian and an attorney — believe they have found the fabled lost anchor of Captain George Vancouver’s exploration of the Pacific Northwest more than 200 years ago.
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It looks like something astronauts might wear in space, but this metal suit actually has a more Earth-bound purpose: to enable divers to work deep underwater without needing to spend time in a decompression chamber after they return to the surface.
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Hydrography, geophysics and site investigation lie at the heart of ocean science and technology and therefore are of key importance at Oceanology International, the world's largest exhibition for marine science and technology taking place March 11-13, 2014 at London’s ExCeL, and will be the subject of a full day conference on Thursday, March 13.
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The History of Diving Museum houses one of the largest collections of antique diving helmets in the world. They opened nine years ago and have had a steady stream of visitors, public lecture programs and projects ever since.
Once through the large ship’s hatch a wonder of discovery awaits. A treasure room is dedicated to the discoveries of fabled Florida Keys diver Art McKee. Art worked for the City of Homestead and began diving the Keys early on. His hard hat work led to his exploration of offshore shipwrecks and the founding of his own museum. Art McKee’s treasure museum was something of a fortress with a moat and tower. It is now a private school.
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The Philippine Coast Guard started this week its underwater assessment of a cargo vessel that sank off Iloilo last month, after encountering bad weather conditions from Tropical Depression Agaton (Lingling). (On Monday), the PCG divers returned the marker so that the vessel could be easily located.
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The deepwater decommissioning challenge in the Gulf of Mexico is approaching fast, prompting concerns that the industry may be unprepared. DecomWorld’s 6th Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit, 10-12 March, 2014 in Houston, intends to tackle the issue head on.
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On Thursday, the primary oil producing region of South Sudan was divided between army and rebels.
There was a decrease in oil production to about 170,000 barrels per day even before the rebel strike on Malakal. According to ministry official the decrease is caused by technical issues and not about fighting.
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The 4.3 kilometer undersea tunnel has provided a conduit for installation of the pipeline without disturbing the marine environment.
Tunnelling commenced in April 2013 and the 100 metre-long, 277 tonne tunnel boring machine (TBM) has been operated around the clock on its journey to the tunnel reception shaft on Curtis Island.
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A BRIDGE is to be reopened after six weeks of flooding misery for the villages of Long Load and Long Sutton after military divers gave the all clear.
The bridge was closed at the beginning of January after a Police officer standing on the bridge reported safety concerns.
The road leading to the bridge is also flooded making it totally inaccessible and in effect cutting off homes and businesses from communities.
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Have any of you experienced a close encounter with a huge octopus? Watch this video of octopus grabbing diver’s camera!
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LinkQuest Inc.
Inside Australia's Snowy Mountain hydro scheme, leading underwater service provider, Hibbard Inshore, say they have broken the record for the longest tunnel inspection by a tethered vehicle using their newest long-range vehicle, the Saab Seaeye Sabertooth.
Importantly, this meant there was no need to drain the tunnel system, which saved closing down several power stations. During a round-trip of over 24km, Hibbard Inshore's customised Sabertooth AUV/ROV collected real-time visual data whilst scanning the tunnel with multiple types of multibeam sonar.
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Subsea design and manufacture group Hydro Group said it is set to invest heavily in new equipment and increase staff numbers thanks to impressive demand from domestic and global markets.
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The new IDTechEx report, "Electric Boats, Small Submarines and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) 2014-2024" www.idtechex.com/eboats reveals the market for electric water craft, including those on and under water, will increase from $2.6 billion to $7.3 billion in 2024.
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Fugro, the Netherlands-based geotechnical, survey, subsea and geoscience service provider, announced that it has reached agreement to acquire DCN Global LLC (DCN Global), a company specializing in the provision of subsea engineering and diving services to the offshore civil and oil & gas industry, primarily in the Middle East.
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Subsea specialist ROVOP has expanded its fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) by taking delivery of four new hydraulic work class systems, with a further four new ROVs expected later in the year.
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Petrobras has awarded Subsea 7 SA’s (Oslo Børs: SUBC) i-Tech division two awards for remote intervention services, with a combined value in excess of $90 million.
The contract scope is for the provision of two ROVs and underwater positioning services onboard two ROV support vessels, the Toisa Vigilant and theToisa Valiant. Both vessels will operate offshore Brazil for an initial four-year term with options to extend for up to another four years each.
Full Article...
Bennu Oil and Gas has contracted Ceona to work on the Clipper Contingency Umbilical Installation Project in the Gulf of Mexico. The project is to install 1.1 mi (1.77 km) of dymanic umbilical and two 15-mi (24-km) electrical quad cables in more than 3,000 ft (914 m) of water.
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Baker Hughes Incorporated (BHI) has announced that the international rig count for January 2014 was 1,325, down 10 from the 1,335 counted in December 2013, and up 46 from the 1,279 counted in January 2013. The international offshore rig count for January 2014 was 302, down four from the 306 counted in December 2013, and down five from the 307 counted in January 2013.
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Gardline Environmental, a division of Gardline Marine Sciences, have recently expanded their deep water environmental sampling capability with the purchase a 12 barrel Megacore and a 12 bottle Rosette water sampler.
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Dive Commercial International, Inc.
Committee leaders today introduced bipartisan legislation that authorizes the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to carry out its vital missions, improves USCG mission effectiveness, helps replace and modernize aging Coast Guard assets in a cost effective manner, enhances oversight, and reduces inefficiencies to save taxpayer dollars. Additionally, the bill strengthens U.S. maritime transportation, reduces regulatory burdens to create jobs and encourage economic growth and improves the Nation’s competitiveness.
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BIRNS, Inc., designer and manufacturer of high performance connectors, custom cable assemblies and lighting systems, announced a range of new keying options for its popular BIRNS Millennium connector series.
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Subsea connector specialist First Subsea Ltd. has integrated its Hyperlast 101 Twin Sealing system with its range of tools used to recover subsea flowline and gas export production pipelines to the surface. The company says that the twin polyurethane seals increase the pipe recovery tool’s resilience and scope for long-term deployment in deepwater and ultra-deepwater operations.
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Turner Designs introduced its newest product, an in situ Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter (ICAM). Factory configured with nine wavelengths from UV (365nm) to Red (676nm), ICAM enables absorption measurements over a wide spectrum.
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SeeByte, a creator of software for unmanned maritime systems, announced the launch of a new Multibeam Imaging Sonar Mosaic Tool for use with the company’s SeeTrackCoPilot software.
Users of SeeTrackCoPilot are now able to generate a multibeam imaging sonar forward-look mosaic. They can do this using a simple on/off button in the SeeTrackCoPilot interface. The tool can be used to quickly generate maps of the environment and improve ROV pilots’ situational awareness.
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