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UnderWater magazine is planning to run an article on the Wounded Warrior Project and the impact it has had on members of the subsea industry. Has anyone in your company or personal life benefited from this program? We’d like to hear your story. If you have been involved with or touched by the Wounded Warrior Project, please reach out to managing editor Sean Garrity at, and he will coordinate an interview with our writer.

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There are substantial differences between the 5th and current 6th editions. Please take time to note all of the changes and additions to:
• Operational and equipment requirements
• Diving personnel medical training requirements
• Diving personnel certification requirements
• Checklist and audit protocols

Implementation of Certification and Equipment Requirements
Except where noted, all new certification and equipment requirements will take effect immediately. Noted changes to take effect after formal adoption of this document will be annotated by a superscript (1, 2, or 3) after the stated requirement.

The legend for the superscript is as follows:
1 – Compliance required after 6 months from 7 July 2011
2 – Compliance required after 12 months from 7 July 2011
3 – Compliance required after 24 months from 7 July 2011

Preview the Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations 6th edition on the ADCI website.  A "read only" version can be found at

Interested in contributing to UnderWater magazine?
UnderWater magazine is seeking feature stories and photography covering subjects of broad significance to the commercial diving industry. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to: safety, new techniques, new equipment, equipment reviews, recent projects, etc. Special attention will be given to articles highlighting safety; however, all topics of general interest to diving contractors will be considered. Photography accompanying your story is welcome and encouraged. Here is a chance to highlight and share some of the notable accomplishments of your company or school.
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Denso North America Inc.
The old expression about getting one’s sea legs speaks to how different life can be in the ocean marine environment. Those who spend most of their time on land often need to adjust to the rhythms that are second nature to old sea hands.
Similarly, any company that operates both on land and water needs to adjust its risk management strategies to account for exposures in both arenas. That can range from something as simple as making sure land-based workers have the right protective equipment when they move to the waterfront, to something as complex as coordinating insurance coverage to minimize the possibility of gaps or unexpected liabilities.
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HONG KONG's outlying Lamma Island has commenced construction of a sub-marine sewage outfall at Yung Shue Wan which requires vessels navigating in the area to proceed with caution and at slow speed. This action is intended to protect divers working in the area and to avoid collisions with ships deployed in the area. The works will continue over five months.
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Eight sophomore students from the Experimental Sciences class at Lake Weir High School placed third out of six teams in Deep-C Consortium’s first Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Competition, held in early March.
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The man behind Avatar talks about what drives him to explore the ocean.
On March 16, The Explorers Club, an organization headquartered in New York City and dedicated to preserving humanity's instinct to explore, awarded filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron their highest honor—the Explorers Club Medal.
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Offshore Oregonian ready for its close-up ©Oceana Today we release our new science report, Important Ecological Areas: Seafloor Habitat Expedition off the Southern Oregon Coast. The report completes our June 2011 expedition aboard the R/V Miss Linda, which set out on the cold Pacific Ocean waters off Oregon to survey deep unchartered ocean habitats. In places too deep or too rugged for SCUBA gear, we executed 17 dives with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) mounted with a high definition camera. What we saw was thrilling!
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The Royal Navy has a rich heritage of hydrography and marine surveying that stretches back to the 17th century with the first survey of the British coast for Charles II. Despite the technological advances of the modern age, the Royal Navy's hydrographic expertise is as important today as ever before. Dr Gareth Evans takes a look at RN's hydrographic role, both past and present.
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Two Pacific Northwest-based Coast Guard petty officers were chosen as the 2012 Active-Duty enlisted person of the year (EPOY) and Reserve enlisted person of the year (REPOY) for the 13th Coast Guard District during a recognition banquet Saturday, at Coast Guard Base Seattle.
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Unmanned underwater vehicles are becoming feasible for a wide variety of applications, from autonomous ship hull inspection to oil and gas exploration, while military leaders are developing UUVs for long-endurance underwater intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.
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LinkQuest Inc.
The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) market is booming, as offshore operators take advantage of rapid advancements in unmanned technology. Julian Turner talks to Moray Melhuish, commercial director at award-winning company ROVOP, about its £15m investment in leading-edge ROV systems and training the next generation of subsea specialists.
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Two UK marine energy companies have been awarded a share of £20 million under the Government’s Marine Energy Array Demonstrator (MEAD) scheme.
MeyGen Ltd and Sea Generation Wales Ltd have both won the funding to support the development and testing of pre-commercial marine devices in array formations at sea.
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After decades of preparation, firm moves forward with plans to harvest mineral-rich nuggets from sea floor. A bizarre episode from the cold war could foreshadow a new era of seabed mining. In 1974, the US government used a ship owned by eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes to pick up the remains of a Russian nuclear-missile-bearing subĀ¬marine that sank in more than 5,000 metres of water. As cover, the United States claimed that the expedition was collecting polymetallic nodules: rocky lumps that litter the deep sea floor, rich in metals such as manganese, nickel, copper, cobalt and rare-earth elements.
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Commenting on the release of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) 2013 Report Card for American Infrastructure, Kurt Nagle, president and CEO of the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), said: "AAPA is pleased that ASCE included seaports for the first time in its critical infrastructure Report Card. The inclusion of seaports in this infrastructure analysis is recognition of the importance of ports, and the connections to them, and to our nation’s freight transportation system."
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New research report "Electric Boats, Small Submarines and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) 2012-2022: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities" created by IDTechEx Ltd has been recently published.
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ABERDEEN, UK – Seatronics and Norwegian partner RTS are to supply six Gen 5 multiplexer systems to Bibby Remote Intervention.
According to Seatronics, Gen 5 provides a high level communication links and 850 W of power capacity subsea. It enables a complete survey spread to be run over one single mode fiber through the addition of a 110 V A.C. power supply from the ROV, including dual head multibeam echosounder, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, inertial navigation system, 2D real-time sonar, and up to three high-definition cameras.
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Capital Regional District directors have approved the first major step towards constructing a wastewater treatment plant at McLoughlin Point, despite the absence of an expert commission destined to oversee the project.
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Deputy Public Security Minister Meng Hongwei will double up as head of the new China Coast Guard, designed to bring the nation's patchwork of maritime law enforcement agencies under a single roof amid ongoing territorial disputes with neighbouring countries.
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A range of the latest epoxy resin systems from Huntsman Advanced Materials, which are seeing increasing usage in the application of composites across the marine industry, have received certification from the Lloyd’s Register Type Approval.
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ESRG is proud to announce that it has recently added new capabilities to help owners and managers reduce fuel costs with greater insight into the true power production and propulsion efficiency of the total ship. OstiaEdge® now integrates shaft torque, weather and environmental data, fuel consumption and draft & displacement with its existing equipment performance analytics to provide real transparency into the performance of a ship or across a fleet.
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Hibbard Inshore has released a free brochure detailing its impressive range of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), as well as specifications, applications and key features.
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Teledyne BlueView Technologies Inc. in Seattle has begun shipments of the company's newly developed M Series 2D multibeam imaging sonar systems for real-time high-resolution sonar imagery for underwater navigation, monitoring, target tracking, and other underwater imaging tasks.
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