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There are substantial differences between the 5th and current 6th editions. Please take time to note all of the changes and additions to:
• Operational and equipment requirements
• Diving personnel medical training requirements
• Diving personnel certification requirements
• Checklist and audit protocols

Implementation of Certification and Equipment Requirements
Except where noted, all new certification and equipment requirements will take effect immediately. Noted changes to take effect after formal adoption of this document will be annotated by a superscript (1, 2, or 3) after the stated requirement.

The legend for the superscript is as follows:
1 – Compliance required after 6 months from 7 July 2011
2 – Compliance required after 12 months from 7 July 2011
3 – Compliance required after 24 months from 7 July 2011

Preview the Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations 6th edition on the ADCI website.  A "read only" version can be found at www.adc-int.org.

Interested in contributing to UnderWater magazine?
UnderWater magazine is seeking feature stories and photography covering subjects of broad significance to the commercial diving industry. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to: safety, new techniques, new equipment, equipment reviews, recent projects, etc. Special attention will be given to articles highlighting safety; however, all topics of general interest to diving contractors will be considered. Photography accompanying your story is welcome and encouraged. Here is a chance to highlight and share some of the notable accomplishments of your company or school.
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Denso North America Inc.
Please take a moment to be truly inspired by someone who has lived a life committed to diving.
"Winner of Best Documentary at the Super Shorts International Film Festival, Ray: A Life Underwater tells the story of 75 year old former commercial diver Ray Ives and his fantastic journey through the deepest oceans where, like a modern day pirate, Ray searches for hidden treasure in "the world’s biggest rubbish dump". Directed by former BBC newshound turned freelance producer/director Amanda Bluglassand edited by Danny Cooke, this documentary is a heartwarming tale about an elderly man looking back at an extraordinary diving career.

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A stripped-down wind-energy proposal backed by Maryland’s governor gains traction in the legislature.
The proposal may be the first step in creating a network of offshore turbines and sub-sea cables spanning the U.S. Atlantic coast, reports Bloomberg.

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Divers Institute of Technology and Underwater Centre form alliance to provide saturation diver training to DIT students.
The Divers Institute of Technology (DIT), Seattle Washington and the Underwater Centre in Fort William, Scotland have formed an alliance to provide American and Canadian divers the opportunity to advance their careers in the global subsea market.

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Shark Marine Technologies provided a complete SeaSAR, search and recovery system to the Long Beach (CA) Police Department, Dive Team, consisting of a Side Scan Sonar, Tripod mounted Scanning Sonar, a Pole Mounted Multibeam Imaging Sonar, and two Navigator Diver Held Sonar Imaging and Navigation Systems, all operated through a single software program on a waterproof topside console.
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While studying a unit on oceans in their sixth-grade science classes, students at Russellville Middle School not only got to learn about how scientists explore the mysteries contained in the oceans’ depths but they also got hands-on experience on how this process takes place.
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WALLROVER Limited, the innovative engineering company based in Maryport, has received national recognition by winning the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Innovation Award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises at the NDA’s first Supply Chain Awards.
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LinkQuest Inc.
Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: FET) recently announced the rebrand of its DPS Offshore product line to be known as Forum Subsea Rentals. With an extensive inventory of the most advanced subsea rental products, Forum Subsea Rentals is recognized as one of the global leaders within the industry.
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Seatronics, an Acteon company, has completed the start-up phase of its new office, workshop and warehouse facility in Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Triton Imaging, Inc., of Capitola, California and Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. of St. John’s, Newfoundland announced that they have signed an OEM agreement under which Kraken will offer Triton Perspective™ software bundled with their AquaPix® Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS).
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French oilfield services firm Technip announced that it named its latest vessel in Vigo, Spain, Monday.
The Deep Orient, a new-build medium construction vessel, will be dedicated to subsea construction and flexible pipe-laying projects.
Technip said the vessel was completed within a tight time frame thanks to strong cooperation between its Marine New Builds Team in Aberdeen, Scotland and the firm's Metalships & Docks shipyard in Vigo.

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Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group company, which is one of the world's leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution provider, completed the handover of a new hyperbaric treatment system to Captain Ismail Hassan Al Housani, Officer-In-Charge of Diving Chamber and Rescue Department.
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North-east hyperbaric and UKAS testing facility has won a prestigious contract to test a piece of life saving equipment for the diving industry.
The National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC), based in Aberdeen, has recently taken on the testing of The Sea Marshall, a piece of equipment used by divers worldwide for alerting and locating a man overboard.

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When you really stop and think about it, it's amazing how far digital photography has come in the last decade. Ten years ago this month, we were thrilled by the brand-new Canon EOS-10D and Pentax *ist-D, a duo of 6-megapixel SLRs priced at US$2,000 and US$1,700 respectively.
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Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine) have announced the commercial availability of their 2nd generation repeater and branching unit for subsea turnkey global telecommunication networks.
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The compact version of the full size Prospector ROV, the Prospector Jr borrows the same simple and robust design as its big brother. With a 500TV Line CCD Camera, Integrated brushless motor controllers, 12V Power tubes, 15"LCD controller the size of a briefcase and a spooled floating tether thinner than a pencil, the Prospector Jr is eager to please and ready to use out of the box.
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