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There are substantial differences between the 5th and current 6th editions. Please take time to note all of the changes and additions to:
• Operational and equipment requirements
• Diving personnel medical training requirements
• Diving personnel certification requirements
• Checklist and audit protocols

Implementation of Certification and Equipment Requirements
Except where noted, all new certification and equipment requirements will take effect immediately. Noted changes to take effect after formal adoption of this document will be annotated by a superscript (1, 2, or 3) after the stated requirement.

The legend for the superscript is as follows:
1 – Compliance required after 6 months from 7 July 2011
2 – Compliance required after 12 months from 7 July 2011
3 – Compliance required after 24 months from 7 July 2011

Preview the Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations 6th edition on the ADCI website.  A "read only" version can be found at

Interested in contributing to UnderWater magazine?
UnderWater magazine is seeking feature stories and photography covering subjects of broad significance to the commercial diving industry. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to: safety, new techniques, new equipment, equipment reviews, recent projects, etc. Special attention will be given to articles highlighting safety; however, all topics of general interest to diving contractors will be considered. Photography accompanying your story is welcome and encouraged. Here is a chance to highlight and share some of the notable accomplishments of your company or school.
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The Kerala government is sitting on a proposal submitted by the district administration to set up a pool of expert divers to meet challenges posed by water-related disasters for almost a year now.
The proposal assumes significance in the wake of the tragedy in which five NCC cadets of the Delhi Directorate drowned in Periyar at Mahoganythottam in Mulamkuzhi near Malayattoor on Wednesday.
The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) had forwarded a proposal worth Rs. 2 lakh to the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) for sending selected candidates for advanced training in diving at the Goa-based National Institute of Water Sports (NIWS).
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Mapping the American and Canadian Continental Margins Around the North Pole
For the third consecutive summer, the United States and Canada teamed up with their icebreakers in August to tackle the technical aspects of mapping their continental margins in the Arctic Ocean. However this time they included in their survey a zone of dispute that was much closer to shore.
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Naval architecture and ocean engineering deal with design and operation of a large variety of structures for use at sea. Striving for cost effective and safe designs has resulted in development of sophisticated methods for predicting the behaviour of these structures. The core disciplines have been oceanography, hydrodynamics, dynamics, structural mechanics, and material science, but recently we have also seen an increasing use of cybernetics and information technology. Applied mathematics is the common tool we have when applying the basic disciplines on our practical problems.
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Since early October, 46 seventh-graders at Oasis Middle School have been measuring, cutting, soldering and learning. Their learning materials included lengths of PVC pipe, electrical wire, toilet bowl wax, batteries and tiny propellers. Their final test was given in a swimming pool. And the course was funded by the U.S. Navy. Their mission? Build and operate underwater remotely operated vehicles.
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The growing fleet of robotic ocean sensors coupled with the emergence of new and affordable monitoring technology has increased exponentially the amount of data collected from the world’s oceans. This puts decision-makers and researchers who work with these data in a completely fresh situation.
The challenge is: How to benefit from the abundance of the ocean data while keeping data acquisition, its management and processing budgets within reasonable limits?
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"R/V Sikuliaq is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world," said NSF Director Subra Suresh. "Its capabilities to operate in extreme ecosystems will serve the science and engineering research communities for decades to come, while providing opportunities for educators and students to learn first-hand about the Arctic environment."
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The capsule of the Car Carrier Baltic Ace was recovered on Dec. 22nd, more than two weeks after the ship sank in the North Sea west of Rotterdam.
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LinkQuest Inc.
With demand for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and trenching machines growing rapidly in a number of distinct but related markets, a number of companies have been formed to provide this kind of equipment and service.
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UK-based FUGRO Survey has ordered a HUGIN AUVs to augment their existing fleet of survey vehicles. The new HUGIN 1000 AUV has depth rating of 3,000 metres and includes lithium polymer batteries. The batteries are packaged into modules, which are stacked in the centre section of the AUV.
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Subsidiaries of Singapore’s Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd were recently awarded three new contracts—worth a combined value of S$420 million ($343.5 million)—to boost the value of the group's total orders for 2012 to S$9.9 billion ($8.1 billion).
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Underwater sensors and instrumentation have been developed for a broad range of activities – including mapping the seafloor, communicating underwater, locating underwater objects, and observing underwater animals and plants – carried out by government, industry, and the scientific research community. The Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC) recently completed a study on the global value chains of ocean technologies, including underwater sensors and instrumentation, for a consortium led by Nova Scotia’s Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism (ERDT). Excerpts from the report on the market and technology trends in acoustic and non-acoustic underwater sensors and instrumentation are provided in this article.
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A Subfighter 15k ROV has been mobilised onto the Swire Seabed AS vessel, deployed using an active heave compensated LARS system.
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Spool and jumper metrologies constitute a critical path in the subsea pipe installation process. They can often occupy large construction vessels ‘just’ for survey operations that may last more than a full day, requiring several types of sensors (long baseline, gyros, depth sensors, etc.), as well as highly qualified surveyors. Moreover, measurement error may lead to spool misfit that has a dramatic impact on the overall project schedule. A newly designed metrology system, which may be seen as an acoustic taut wire, has now reached maturity and has been extensively used in 2006/2007 for different spool and jumper metrology projects, by diver or ROV down to 1,400 metres. This article gives an overview of the system configuration, set up and field results.
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A new wireless subsea modem has been trialed at The Underwater Center, a subsea testing and training facility in Fort William, Scotland. WFS Technologies trialed the Seatooth S100, a mobile, wireless subsea modem suitable for a variety of underwater applications from 100m - 4000m. The modem is designed to provide a reliable digital wireless communication link or logging device up to 5m range, even in challenging deep water conditions.
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Utilizing many years of experience and constant client feedback, Piccard Divers announces today that it offers four distinct versions of the Brush Power-Kart and a full array of consumables and spare parts, aiming to satisfy all the recurring needs of the commercial diving hull-cleaning professional.
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DeepSea Power & Light® announces its new 220Vac SeaLite® Sphere, extending the range of input voltages available for the subsea market. SeaLite Sphere, the perfect LED replacement for Halogen lights, previously covered both low (10-36Vdc) and high voltages (120V) in AC and DC. This powerful, dimmable, and compact LED light is now available for 220-275Vac (50/60Hz) and 275-385Vdc input as well.
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Turner Designs’ new Cyclops Integrator is designed to allow easy system integration of its Cyclops Submersible Fluorometers and Turbidimeter into AUVs, gliders, floats and other platforms. One, two, or three optical sensors with configurations ranging from deep UV to IR along with the Cyclops Integrator electronics can be fastened to an optical head defined by the customer and ready for integration.
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