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The ADCI announces its Annual 30 Day Public Comment Period for submittal of proposed revisions to the ADCI Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations (6th Ed.).

The ADCI encourages all industry stakeholders to submit their proposed revisions to the Consensus Standards.  To submit revisions go to www.underwatermagazine.com and link on to ADCI Consensus Standards 30 Day Review 2012.


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There are substantial differences between the 5th and current 6th editions. Please take time to note all of the changes and additions to:
• Operational and equipment requirements
• Diving personnel medical training requirements
• Diving personnel certification requirements
• Checklist and audit protocols

Implementation of Certification and Equipment Requirements
Except where noted, all new certification and equipment requirements will take effect immediately. Noted changes to take effect after formal adoption of this document will be annotated by a superscript (1, 2, or 3) after the stated requirement.

The legend for the superscript is as follows:
1 – Compliance required after 6 months from 7 July 2011
2 – Compliance required after 12 months from 7 July 2011
3 – Compliance required after 24 months from 7 July 2011

Preview the Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations 6th edition on the ADCI website.  A "read only" version can be found at www.adc-int.org.

Since 2005, your association has inducted selected nominees into the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame. These individuals are nominated from all walks of life and represent men and women who have made a recognized and lasting contribution to commercial diving throughout their lifetime.
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The ADCI Commercial Diving Hall of Fame was established in 2004 with the first inductees being those persons who had previously received either the John B. Galletti or Tom Devine Memorial Awards. The Hall of Fame is intended to "recognize and honor individuals whose dedication and accomplishments have significantly contributed to commercial diving through a life time of dedication." Prior inductees and short biographies are available on the ADCI Website at www.adc-int.org.
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Interested in contributing to UnderWater magazine?
UnderWater magazine is seeking feature stories and photography covering subjects of broad significance to the commercial diving industry. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to: safety, new techniques, new equipment, equipment reviews, recent projects, etc. Special attention will be given to articles highlighting safety; however, all topics of general interest to diving contractors will be considered. Photography accompanying your story is welcome and encouraged. Here is a chance to highlight and share some of the notable accomplishments of your company or school.
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Denso North America Inc.
Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) is a concept that has received serious attention from major companies involved in gas production since the 1990s. The idea behind the concept is simple: the ability to convert natural gas into LNG in an offshore environment will allow remote, and previously un-commercial, gas fields to be exploited.
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Offshore Simulator Centre (OSC) delivers advanced offshore simulators and training concepts aimed at increasing safety for personnel involved in demanding offshore operations.
We are located in Ålesund, Norway, the heart of one of the biggest and most successful maritime clusters in the world. Based on operational expertise, advanced computer technology, and physics and mathematics, OSC is now the provider of the world's most advanced simulators for anchor handling operations, platform supply vessel operations and lifting operations (crane simulators).
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San Diego, CA – Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) recently completed a multi-year effort to improve the hull integrity of the museum ship USS Midway (Midway) in San Diego, CA. The project involved divers wet welding steel patches over hull openings to limit the amount of water intrusion into the ship’s hull. When compared to the impact and cost of dry-docking Midway, the Phoenix method of performing work underwater allowed museum operations to continue uninterrupted while avoiding the tremendous expense and disruption of placing Midway in dry-dock.
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According to The Register, China is trying to master the ocean by developing a deep-sea station to conduct underwater mining. China Ship Scientific Research Centre announced the plans for the nuclear powered mobile deep-sea station earlier this year. The station will have propellers to move underwater and several ports to allow smaller craft to dock with it. The dimensions will be 60.2m x 15.8m x 9.7m, the weigh will be about 2,600 tones, and it will have enough room for 33 crewmembers. China is currently constructing a prototype of the station that can carry 12 crewmembers on an 18-day expedition. Expected delivery of the prototype is in 2015. The launch of a full-size station is predicted to be in 2030.
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A group of students from the University of the West of England designed a robot built from recycled materials that that could help detect underwater mines, SlashGear reports.
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An autonomous underwater vehicle designed by Bluefin Robotics of Quincy will help in the search.
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Shark Marine Technologies Inc.
The Naval Research Laboratory has a requirement for 1 each Iver2-580 AUV-EP42 w/Mission Planning Software, 1 each 6 Beam Doppler Velocity Log, 1 each Neil Brown CT, 1 each Handheld Remote Controller, 3 each Rugged Transit Case, 1 each Return to Factory Service Maintenance, 1 each Extended Warranty. (Microsoft IE required). Additional specifications and opening and closing dates will appear in the RFQ. The proposed contract is 100% set aside for small business concerns. Copies of issued solicitations can only be obtained by downloading them from the Supply and Information Services Division website http://supply.nrl.navy.mil. This requirement will be available for downloading the 16th day after publication of this synopsis. Prior to this date you will not be able to access this solicitation.
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Autoship Systems Corporation is pleased to announce that the Offshore Simulator Centre (OSC) in Aalesund Norway have decided to incorporate Autoload® 3D on-board loading software into its real time simulator system.Anchor handling courses at OSC will now be able to handle and train operators in the stability aspects of the process alongside the practical aspects of anchor handling and other advanced offshore operations.The loading condition for a given anchor handling operation will be prepared in Autoload, and the vessels floating position and dynamic motion response will be according to correct mass / mass distributions and free surface effects.
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Norway-based Statoil is seeking to develop Hywind Maine, a pilot project to test the feasibility of floating wind turbines off the coast of Maine, USA, in waters 460 to 520 ft deep.
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GE says it has secured more than 1,200 MW of commitments for its 1.6-100 wind turbine. The 750 additional turbines bring the total number of orders and commitments to $2.7 billion and more than 2 GW to date. In August 2011, developers selected the turbine for 10 new projects. In total, 1,248 of the 1.6-100 wind turbine technology will be put into wind farms in North and South America over the next two years.
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Keppel Kazakhstan LLP (Keppel Kazakhstan) and its consortium partner Ersai Caspian Contractor LLC, Kazakhstan (Ersai Caspian Contractor), have secured a contract from Teniz Burgylau LLP (Teniz Burgylau), an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of JSC NC "KazMunayGas" (KazMunayGas) of Kazakhstan, for a KFELS B Class jackup rig worth US$242 million.
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The Institution of Civil Engineers is pleased to announce the tenth in this highly-regarded series of specialist conferences. Known for offering the best international forum for the discussion of the latest developments as well as informed debate – every event in the ‘Breakwaters’ series has ensured that advances in coastal engineering are appropriately highlighted.
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Bowtech Products Ltd has announced that, in partnership with N-Seatec Subsea Systems BV (N-Seatec), their agent in Benelux, it has won a supply contract with Allseas.
The contract with Allseas involves the supply of Surveyor HD (High Definition) cameras, replacing the existing HD cameras on all of Allseas' Schilling UHD ROVs.
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NBGI Private Equity has supported oil and gas equipment services specialist ATR Group in its first strategic acquisition following its recent MBO. The acquisition of Underwater Engineering Services ("UES") strengthens ATR’s existing subsea capabilities and demonstrates the Group’s commitment to developing an integrated surface to subsea rental and services model.
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Norwegian survey and positioning specialists, iSURVEY Group AS, has chosen to invest in a SPRINT (Subsea Precision Reference Inertial Navigation Technology) system from Sonardyne International to support its ROV surveys and deep water marine construction activities.
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Aquabotix, a marine technology company bringing the accessibility of consumer electronics products to the complex world of underwater video, today announced the availability of the Aquabotix HydroView, an affordable and easy-to-use remote-operated underwater vehicle that instantly beams a high definition video back to the surface.
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Solartron ISA, a world leader in wet gas flow meters for topside and subsea applications, now offers an integrated flow metering solution on its digital Seastream flow meters, eliminating the need to manually enter complex flow algorithms into a Master Control System.
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Survitec Group is planning to unveil an advanced marine evacuation system at the 2012 shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology (SMM) international trade fair in Hamburg, Germany, in September 2012.
Survitec will showcase its new remote life raft launch feature for the SurvitecZodiac medium inflatable slide (MIS) escape slide system.
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Teledyne Relays is now offering its range of environmentally hardened relays to the oil and gas, and sub-sea industry for applications in remotely operated vehicles, exploration and production. More specifically, this range of sub miniature electro-mechanical relays, all of which incorporate hermetically sealed metal enclosures
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Baumer presents its HS35F incremental hollow-shaft encoders with an integrated enhanced monitoring system that signals potential failure of the encoder.
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