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There are substantial differences between the 5th and current 6th editions. Please take time to note all of the changes and additions to:

• Operational and equipment requirements
• Diving personnel medical training requirements
• Diving personnel certification requirements
• Checklist and audit protocols

Implementation of Certification and Equipment Requirements
Except where noted, all new certification and equipment requirements will take effect immediately. Noted changes to take effect after formal adoption of this document will be annotated by a superscript (1, 2, or 3) after the stated requirement.

The legend for the superscript is as follows:

1 – Compliance required after 6 months from 7 July 2011
2 – Compliance required after 12 months from 7 July 2011
3 – Compliance required after 24 months from 7 July 2011

Preview the Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations 6th edition on the ADCI website.  A "read only" version can be found at www.adc-int.org.

The ADCI Commercial Diving Hall of Fame was established in 2004, with the first inductees being those persons who had previously received either the John B. Galletti or Tom Devine Memorial Awards.
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Interested in contributing to UnderWater magazine?

UnderWater magazine is seeking feature stories and photography covering subjects of broad significance to the commercial diving industry. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to: safety, new techniques, new equipment, equipment reviews, recent projects, etc. Special attention will be given to articles highlighting safety; however, all topics of general interest to diving contractors will be considered. Photography accompanying your story is welcome and encouraged. Here is a chance to highlight and share some of the notable accomplishments of your company or school.
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Denso North America Inc.
Zupt, LLC put divers to the test working in only 90 feet of water on a recent 42-in. diameter spool metrology in the Grand Bahamas, Spring of 2011. This was Zupt’s first operation using divers with C-PINS to collect the precise position and attitude measurements to allow for the fabrication of a spool that would fit between the pre-installed pipeline and structure. This was also the largest diameter job to date, 42 inch diameter spool approximately 64 feet long.
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The prospect of mining the ocean floor may seem far-fetched, but China, motivated by its insatiable hunger for resources, has opened its eyes to the idea. According to a story in The Japan Times, China will attempt to plunge the Jialong – the world’s deepest-diving manned submersible – 5,000 metres below the surface of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and North America, exceeding the craft’s previous depth of 3,759 metres.
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ROYAL Navy divers have scooped an award for their operations around the globe.
The diving squadron, which is based at Horsea Island, Portsmouth, has won the Naval Capability Trophy.
Divers are sent all over the world on military operations – whether in support of special forces, disposing roadside bombs in Afghanistan, or blowing up sea mines in the Gulf and Mediterranean.

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Scientists from the UCC, NUI Galway, the Geological Survey of Ireland and the University of Southampton, accompanied by a crew from National Geographic have set sail on one the most challenging research expeditions ever undertaken by Ireland.
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Recently, worldwide economic insecurity is caused by the uncertainty of energy supply, the shortage of food, and the lack of industrial resources. Since Korea does not have enough resources with narrow land, it can be said that the future of Korea relies on the development of the ocean.
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A draft document on raising the Bulgaria cruise ship to the surface will be approved on Thursday evening, Transport Deputy Minister Viktor Olersky said.
"The draft will be signed today at 9 p.m. Moscow time due to the results of the full inspection of the ship," Olersky said at a telephone conference.
For his part, Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu said he had studied a schedule for preparatory work. "Some work can be done in parallel if this does not run counter safety rules and security of people who will work underwater," he stressed.

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To address increased demand for science and technology professionals, 4-H is working nationwide to reach a bold goal of engaging one million new young people in science programs by 2013. Currently, 4-H science programs reach more than five million youth across the country with hands-on learning experiences to ensure global competitiveness and prepare the next generation of science, engineering and technology leaders.
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The Oyster wave energy conversion system presented to journalists and media representatives on 13 July was the first of three such devices to eventually be installed at the European Marine Energy Centre, with the additional Oysters to join it at one year intervals.
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A new study released by the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) shows the important nationwide jobs and economic impact of the Gulf of Mexico offshore oil and gas industry and reveals the effect of permitting on those figures.
According to the study conducted by Quest Offshore Inc., the Gulf offshore oil and gas industry supported more than 240,000 jobs across the country while contributing more than $26 billion to the nation’s GDP in 2010.

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BlueView Technologies and Schilling Robotics have signed a systems integrator agreement that enables Schilling to re-sell BlueView 2D and 3D products on Schilling ROVs.
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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (OL) announced that Hydroid, a KONGSBERG Company, will provide Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and docking stations to support the Pioneer Array of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI).
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Saab’s decision to centralize its underwater vehicle organisation in the UK, has led to the appointment of two new directors to the board of Saab Seaeye Ltd. This follows the Fareham-based company’s expanded responsibility for Saab’s underwater vehicle defence division and its existing and growing commercial ROV operations.
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Sembcorp Marine Ltd. (S51.SG) said Thursday its unit, SMOE Pte. Ltd., has secured a contract close to S$600 million to construct an offshore production platform that will be installed in the Andaman Sea offshore Myanmar.
The project involves engineering, procurement, construction, transportation, installing, and commissioning the platform, Sembcorp Marine said in a statement.
The contract was awarded by PTTEP International Ltd.

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Aker Solutions announced today that it has been selected for the design, procurement, and fabrication of the subsea containment and diverter assembly for the expanded containment system being developed by Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC). Contract value is undisclosed.
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McDermott International, Inc. (NYSE:MDR) ("McDermott") announced today the award of a significant subsea contract to its Australian subsidiary for a deepwater offshore engineering and construction project, including structural transportation and installation of subsea infrastructure. The new contract for work offshore Western Australia is included in the company’s second quarter 2011 backlog.
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Heliox Technologies, Inc. announced the award of a bespoke hyperbaric monitoring system for a new build 18 man saturation diving system manufactured by Singapore-based LexMar Engineering. Heliox Technologies Inc. is a Menlo Park-based company developing custom products for military, commercial and recreational diving applications.
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I have religiously carried the Marinox Marine Oxygen Therapy Unit around with me, but as I’m one of the people most likely to need it, should the worst happen, I thought I’d better find out how easy it would be for a casual observer to get it up and running.
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TMC is the only provider of marine screw compressors who is solely dedicated to providing compressed air for marine use. Since the start in 1989, TMC’s only focus has been the design and construction of compressed air equipment that satisfy the extreme marine requirements.
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CARIS launched a new module as part of the release of Bathy DataBASE 3.2. The Engineering Analysis Module caters to the requirements of the dredging industry, port and waterway authorities, as well as other engineering operations.

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