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Faculty in Residence Fall Call-in-Show

Watch Dr. Dan Calhoun and Dr. Jason Laker, both of whom have extensive professional and scholarly experience, discuss how building a successful career in Student Affairs is not only about developing knowledge and skills, but it is also a commitment to establishing a professional identity and practice.

Accountability and Expectations: How to Successfully Manage Non-Supervisees

Watch Ann Marie Klotz, Ed. D. Dean of Campus Life, New York Institute of Technology, talk about how supervision itself can be challenging, but holding people accountable who do not report to you, are older than you and/or are at a higher experience level than you can be tough!

Faculty in Residence Winter Case Study

Watch Dr. Jason Laker provide valuable insight on specific information to this case study and see Dr. Dan Calhoun discuss ways to present a case study as well as outlining information about the process of the 2014 Winter Case Study.


Student Engagement Organizations at Two-Year Colleges

Watch and learn about the ways student organizations can foster active and collaborative co-curricular learning, student-faculty interaction, student effort, support for learners, and connections to community college campuses.


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