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This Year’s Conference: A Brilliant Success!

Thank You for Attending the 2017 ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition!

Following several days of jam-packed thought leadership, educational sessions, and enhanced networking, the 2017 ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition came to an end on September 20 with a celebratory closing night event at Billy Bob's Texas. This year’s conference was a brilliant success with 2,117 registered attendees and 273 exhibit booths!

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Please see below a recap of our session highlights! Coverage of the Keynote Presentations and General Sessions are included in the onsite issues of Centerlines LIVE, linked above. 

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The Changing World of Slots and What It Means for Airports
"It impacts nearly all airports in USA and Canada." This bold statement by Michael Landguth at "The Changing World of Slots and What It Means for Airports" session on Monday referred to slots. With a strategic review in the works for the Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG), this comment by the President & CEO of Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, held a lot of weight.
Flight Plan Uncertain? Making Sense of the Evolving Regulatory Landscape
When you have an FAA representative in the room, and she is open to answering any question you throw her way, you can imagine the conversations are bound to be interesting. That was the case at the "Flight Plan Uncertain? Making Sense of the Evolving Regulatory Landscape" session on Tuesday, with panelists Daniel-Robert Gooch, President of the Canadian Airports Council; Pablo Nüesch, Partner, Spiegel & McDiarmid LLLP; Winsome Lenfert, Acting Associate Administrator for Airports at Federal Aviation Administration; and moderator Charles Everett, Deputy Director of Aviation at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.
Risk Management: Planning Before a Crisis Occurs
"A crisis can be anything that can impact your reputation," said Matt Barkett of Dix & Eaton, getting the conversation started at the "Risk Management : Planning Before a Crisis Occurs" session on Monday that was moderated by Michael Yip, Vice President of Risk Management at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It could be an active shooter, weather-related, cyber theft or any other event that presents a "real and serious threat" to your brand, said Barkett.
Cyber Resilience: Safeguarding the Airport
"Put cybersecurity on your agenda before it becomes your agenda." This parting comment shared by RJ Steenstra at the Cyber Resilience session perfectly couldn’t have wrapped it up any better. Steenstra, who is President and CEO at Fort McMurray Airport Authority in Alberta, moderated this session and started it out with a chilling tale about a cyber attack at Fort McMurray that has had the entire team there tackling the question, "What can you do to build resilience in your airport?"
Airport Capital Program Showcase
The interest level was through the roof for the "Capital Development - Airport Capital Program Showcase" session on Monday. It was standing-room only. Each of the panelists was there to share some insight on recent projects, as well as how they were able to alleviate potential challenges. The moderator, Howard Eng, President and CEO, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, let the panelists do most of the talking, but preceded the conversations by saying, "Capital projects are critical and the lifeblood of airports."
Privatization - The Good, The Bad and The Unknown
"For airports, privatization is not an all or nothing solution," said moderator Joyce Carter, starting off the discussions at the "Privatization - The Good, The Bad and The Unknown" session on Tuesday. The session, despite being later in the day, was standing-room-only, illustrating how important this topic is in the industry right now. The million-dollar question? "What’s the right path forward?" Carter had a variety of questions for the panelists, designed to help attendees understand the issues -- from different perspectives, airport sizes and locations.
Airport Lounge Development
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