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Deadline to Submit 2018 GOMI and Wage and Salary Surveys is June 30

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The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) administers the Government Management Indicators (GOMI) Survey and the Wage and Salary Survey. The deadline to submit each survey is June 30, 2018.The GOMI Survey is a mandatory requirement provided for in O.C.G.A. 36-81-8. The Wage and Salary Survey is a voluntary survey, however, the information contained within this survey is the most popular research request that ACCG receives from counties each year. As such, it is strongly encouraged that your county participates in this survey. 

In terms of what type of information is collected through these surveys, GOMI collects data on county operations, including financial management practices, service delivery arrangements, public facilities provided, and planning efforts. This information is helpful in identifying trends in county operations. The Wage and Salary Survey collects data on the pay range, number of full time employees, and the number of hours worked each week for over 160 different local government jobs. Information from the survey is used to produce printable reports that can be used by counties.

The 2018 GOMI Survey can be accessed at:

The 2018 Wage and Salary Survey can be accessed at:

If you need assistance in accessing these surveys, please contact DCA at for assistance.

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