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GCIP Intern Spotlight

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Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP) Spotlight: Spelman student 
Kaitlynn Crandall interns with the Fulton County Economic Development Division

1. What have you learned about county government from your internship?
I have learned about the different levels that exist within county government (i.e. the various departments and management staff) as well as the process of communicating between different departments. I also learned about the significant role that the county plays in attracting businesses.

2. What were your major internship responsibilities 
Researching the aerotropolis and brainstorming innovative approaches to attracting businesses and researching different "green projects" in South Fulton County. I worked on CleanTech GreenTech, a sustainable initiative to attract and keep businesses in South Fulton County. I also collaborated with the county's GIS department to map different businesses and to develop clusters of various business districts within the county.

3. What do you think were your most significant successes during the internship? 
Seeing the community's role in helping with Fulton's CleanTech GreenTech initiative. I learned that county residents want businesses in their community to be both financially and environmentally sustainable.

4. What was the favorite part of your internship?
Being able to see how the county interacts with different businesses and what it takes on a county's behalf to secure new prospects.

5. What specific skills, experiences or knowledge did you gain during the internship? Do you believe these skills will be useful in helping you meet your future career goals; and, if so, how?
During my time with Fulton's Economic Development Division, I had the opportunity to develop company profiles, create databases using Microsoft Access, collaborate with the county's GIS department to create maps and create presentations for multiple audiences including county departments, aerotropolis, Georgia Power Company and a community stakeholder meeting.

6. If you could tell your peers one benefit of working in county government, what would it be?
As an employee, you are able to experience a different side of the county. I was able to witness the interaction between the county and the various businesses that are in Fulton's various communities. I also had the chance to network with different groups such as members of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders, which was a major benefit of working with the county.
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