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2012 Immigration Reports Are Due to State Agencies by the End of the Year

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Public Benefits/SAVE Report
All counties that administer public benefits in Georgia are required by law to submit an annual report to the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) listing the public benefits they administer and note whether SAVE authorization for verification for each public benefit administered has been received. This report is due by Jan. 1 and covers the reporting period of Dec. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012. DCA will open the reporting system on their website for the 2012 report on Dec. 1.

In order to submit your report, you must first register with DCA through their online reporting system. Once you have registered, you will be asked the following: 1) what benefits are administered by your county and 2) if your county is authorized to use SAVE to verify that benefit. The list of benefits that your county is authorized to use for SAVE system verification is located in the Memorandum of Agreement that the county signed with the Department of Homeland Security in order to register for the SAVE program.

To register and complete the Public Benefit/SAVE report on or after Dec. 1, go to the following link for information and access to the DCA online Public Benefits Reporting System:

E-Verify Public Contractor Report

The E-Verify Public Contractor Report must be submitted to the Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA) each year by Dec. 31. The purpose of this report is to track contracts entered into by the county with a public contractor for the "physical performance of services" during the reporting period. The 2012 report will cover the period of Dec. 1, 2011, through Nov. 30, 2012, and will be due to DOAA by Dec. 31, 2012.

This report will include the county’s E-Verify number and date the county was authorized to use E-Verify by the federal government and the legal name, address, and E-Verify number of the contractor and the date of the contract between the contractor and county. Even if your county did not enter into any contracts of this nature for the reporting period, it is still necessary to report your E-Verify number and date of authorization and note that your county has no contracts to report. 

To access the report template, which will be available by Nov. 16, go to the following link:

Business License/Private Employer Report
The Business License Report is a new requirement and requires that counties issuing or renewing business licenses, occupational tax certificates, or other documents required to operate a business, to submit a report to the DOAA beginning on Dec. 31. This annual report will include each license or certificate issued or renewed by the county in the previous 12 months including the name of the person and business issued a license or other document and their E-Verify number. Beginning in January 2012, state law required businesses with 500 or more employees that are seeking a business license, occupational tax certificate, or other document required to operate a businesswith the county to sign an affidavit affirming that they are registered for E-Verify and in July 2012, businesses with 100 or more employees were required to do the same. The 2012 report will cover the period of Jan. 1, 2012 through Dec. 31, 2012. 

To access the 2012 report template, which will be available by November 16, go to the following link:

Correspondence regarding the E-Verify Contractor Report and the Business License/Private Employer Report was sent by the DOAA on Nov. 1. Please read this correspondence carefully. More detailed instructions on use of DOAA’s HB 87 Collection System and report submission will be sent on or before Nov. 16. Any county that does not receive this email should contact DOAA at

If you have any questions about these reports, please contact Michele NeSmith at or at 404-522-5022.

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