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Online Directory of Historical & Cultural Organizations

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As part of our Healthy Collections Initiative, the Georgia Archives is updating and expanding its online Historical and Cultural Organizations Directory with the goal of including all cultural organizations in Georgia.  One goal of this project is to increase tourism to these institutions.

The directory is free and provides links and information about cultural and historical institutions and sites statewide, facilitating tourist visits to Georgia's repositories.  In addition, these institutions may voluntarily include information in the directory that helps the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency respond with assistance during a natural or man-made disaster.  The directory may be viewed at

Please assist the Georgia Archives in this initiative by providing a list of cultural and historical institutions in your locality. For each library, museum, archives, historic site or historical society in your area, please provide the name of the organization and any other contact information you may have (name of director, mailing address, phone number, etc.). The Georgia Archives welcomes lists in any format: mail, e-mail or fax.  

This effort is part of the Healthy Collections Initiative (funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services) in which the Directory will also be used to disseminate a collections care survey that will help to paint a picture of the state of collections care and emergency preparedness needs in cultural institutions across Georgia. 

Please forward lists to
Meredith Torre, Project Assistant, Georgia Archives 
5800 Jonesboro Rd, Morrow, GA 30260, 678-364-3798 (phone), 678-364-3860 (fax) 678-364-3857

If you have further questions, please contact Christine Wiseman, preservation manager at the Georgia Archives, at or 678-364-3761.


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