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Let our voices unite to carry the message of Rural Water to our elected officials

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Let our voices unite to carry the message of Rural Water to our elected officials.

We must refocus our efforts to inform our elected leaders of the needs and concerns that daily effect public water and wastewater utilities throughout rural America.

If you are unable to join us on Capitol Hill, please contact both SC Senators and the congressional representatives of your district. Discuss your concerns on rising costs and any issues you face within your system and ask them for their full support in funding the programs that are provided by Rural Water association. This funding is necessary in order to continue to fund the staff that has been available to you through SCRWA since 1976.

Contact your Legislators!!
Senators from South Carolina

DeMint, Jim - (R - SC)
Class III
(202) 224-6121

EMAIL Jim DeMint

Graham, Lindsey - (R - SC) Class II
(202) 224-5972

EMAIL Lindsey Graham

South Carolina Congressmen (CLICK HERE to view district map)

District Name Party Room Phone Committee Assignment
1 Scott, Tim R 1117 LHOB 202-225-3176 Rules
2 Wilson, Joe R 2229 RHOB 202-225-2452

Armed Services
Education and the Workforce
Foreign Affairs

3 Duncan, Jeff R 116 CHOB 202-225-5301
Foreign Affairs
Homeland Security
Natural Resources
4 Gowdy, Trey R 1237 LHOB 202-225-6030

Education and the Workforce
Oversight and Government Reform
5 Mulvaney, Mick R 1004 LHOB 202-225-5501

Small Business

Clyburn, James E.
D 2135 RHOB 202-225-3315 Assistant Democratic Leader

More information on the National Rural Water Rally 2012 can be viewed HERE

About the services provided by SC Rural Water Association:

Over the last several years the funding for SCRWA programs has decreased. It is vital that have our legislator's full support to continue to serve the water industry in S.C.

Programs that are NO LONGER FUNDED:

USDA Wastewater 2: provided free training classes and on-site assistance to wastewater treatment facilities up until July 2009
 USDA Wastewater 3: provided on-site visits and assistance along with Board and Management training up until June 2009
Groundwater Program: provided staff to create free Groundwater plans for systems from February 1997 - May 2007
Vulnerability Assessment Program: assisted in addressing security issues after the 911 tragedy from Jan 2004 - April 2004
American Reinvestment & Recovery Act: provided two programs to assist in filing for infrastructure grants and federal assistance programs. ACR1 program ran from June 2009 - March 2011. ACR2 Program ran from June 2009 - Oct 2010.
EPA Sourcewater: Began in the fall of 2009 and funding was discontinued in August 2011
EPA Training & On-site Assistance Grant: provided free training and site visits up until August 2011

Currently Funded Programs:

 USDA Circuit Riders 1 & 2 provides 2 field staff to assist drinking water treatment and distribution systems in complying with compliance, technical and operational issues.
USDA Sourcewater program assists utilities in creating, establishing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Sourcewater Protection Plan.
Wastewater Tech program provides site visits and technical assistance to wastewater treatment facilities in South Carolina

NOTE: All program services are provided to
the utility systems in S.C. at NO COST to the utility system.


Support the SCRWA LACI program

Please contact the elected officials in your district today!
Rain for Rent
McCrometer/ W.K. Hile
South Carolina Rural Water Association
401 Western Lane, Suite 10-D
Irmo, SC 29063
803-667-9699 Phone
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