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APP Issues Progress Report on "No Deforestation"

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Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), Jakarta, Indonesia, this week issued a report on progress, which is the third report in relation to its June 2012 Sustainability Roadmap. This week's report comes 12 weeks after the company's announcement to end deforestation across its entire supply chain. The latest report includes a new online monitoring dashboard that shares key implementation data on the ground.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • By August 31, 2013, APP pulp mills will stop receiving natural forest wood or mixed tropical hardwood (MTH) felled prior to the no deforestation commitment announced this past February. APP says that it welcomes the involvement of NGOs in the monitoring of this process, as part of the Independent Observer program.
  • The introduction of a pilot version of The Forest Trust's (TFT) online monitoring dashboard allows interested parties to access up-to-date technical information relating to the assessments. The dashboard will enable stakeholders to review progress on the ground and to see boundary maps, High Carbon Stock (HCS), and High Conservation Value (HCV) progress and FCP protocols. The dashboard can be viewed online.
  • HCS assessments are currently taking place and are designed to test the amount of carbon the forests contain as well as how valuable they are to ecosystems and communities in the area.
  • HCV assessments are also underway for all 38 APP suppliers in Indonesia, with the completed first stage of 11 concessions due in September 2013 and the second stage of 27 concessions due in April 2014. TFT and APP technical teams have completed analysis of satellite data as part of the HCS study and have formed an on-the-ground field verification team.
  • APP says that it continues to encourage broad NGO and civil society engagement in the monitoring of the implementation of its FCP. Transparency is vital, the company adds, noting that as it is working with vast areas of land where social conflicts are prevalent, the task is challenging and it welcomes the engagement of NGOs and other stakeholders.


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