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April 8, 2011 Is National Visit A Park Day

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Contact: Michael Bradley

For Immediate Release

National Visit A Park Day

Visit A Park Day is a day to set aside unnecessary obligations to visit your local, state, regional or national park. Our development team is committed to the mission of Visit A Park Day: to engage people to learn more about their local, state, and national parks as well as provide for education and recreation opportunities within the parks to foster future enjoyment and visitation to these parks.

Last year Visit A Park Day was a remarkable success! We hope for nothing less this year as we work to further engagement from schools, civic groups, student groups, organizations, and various people across the nation. As statistics related to obesity, crime, and less than healthy lifestyles are frequently cited across all mediums, National Visit A Park Day comes to help fight these negative aspects of our culture.
The development team created four major aspects that may enable various groups and individuals to help cultivate Visit A Park Day’s mission.

The vision statements for Visit A Park Day:

  1. Get people out to the parks on the designated day, April 8, 2011. 
  2. Provide service and learning opportunities for people visiting parks on the designated day, April 8, 2011.
  3. Create and foster relationships for future engagement with the parks.
  4. Expose recreation and park programs to marginalized populations.

Many local and state recreation and parks programs, as well as non-profits, and related civic groups have used National Visit A Park Day as a day to highlight various programs, facilities, and other offerings. We hope that Visit A Park Day has as great of a year in 2011 as it has in the past.  We, once again, ask leaders and groups to coordinate events and activities associated with 2011 Visit A Park Day. It is important to show children and adults the endless benefits parks and recreation may provide to our communities, society, and individuals. I hope to hear many success stories and plan to see many of you out on April 8, for Visit A Park Day.

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